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Laser Cutting, Hydraulic, Electric Press Brakes, Shearing and Plasma Cutting Machines

We know what the best products are and will make sure that your business is equipped with top quality machines. 

Certified Machine Brokers work with a range of businesses including large fabrication companies to small machine shops.

Certified Machine Brokers

CMB offers 30 years of equipment & machinery tool experience

At Certified Machine Brokers, we have exceptional knowledge and experience in machinery. This includes buying and selling, financing, and leasing, as well as repairing machinery. Our inventory of machines is centrally located in the United States for maximum efficiency while transporting machines.  Certified Machine Brokers offers new and used machinery for sale. All the used equipment is thoroughly checked and goes through an extensive process to find any issues and only the highest quality used machinery is for sale.

Whether you are selling, buying, leasing, or repairing machines, Certified Machine Brokers has the experience and knowledge..

CMB list of services:

  • Buy: Certified Machine Brokers can buy anything from one small machine to a whole plant.
  • Broker: Certified Machine Brokers work directly with you to sell you machinery.
  • Auction: We can work with the best auctioneers in the industry to set up, market, advertise and promote your machinery.
  • Investment Recovery: We can assist in securing, relocating, and liquidating equipment.
  • Appraise and Valuate: Certified Machine Brokers has leading experts on equipment in the market. We can help you value what your equipment and investment is worth including a certified appraisal.
  • Recommend: We have extensive experience and can help recommend the best equipment for your needs.
  • Machinery Finance: Certified Machine Brokers can help you finance your next new or used equipment purchase.

Need Financing Options?

We have a extensive network of financing options.

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